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€ 650.00

Gavita Pro 270e LEP SUP 41.02

  • Land: Nederland
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  • Geplaatst: 9 februari 2017 19:57
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Gavita Pro 270e LEP SUP 41.02


Het zijn 9 lampen die 1500a2000 branduren hebben gehad, ze zijn als nieuw
De prijs is 650 per stuk,

Pro 270e LEP SUP / GROW US

The Gavita Pro 270e LEP is a plasma light fixture based on the LUXIM Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) technology. It is completely solid state (no moving parts) and suitable for climate rooms (damp environments). They are suitable for central control with the Gavita Master lighting controllers. Now you can have complete lighting control at your fingertips.

The LEP technology is based on a radio frequency driver which excites an emitter cell without electrodes. The molecules in the emitter transform into plasma state, emitting an intense full continuous spectrum light.

Features & Benefits

•plug playNo electrode wear which translates in a very long lamp life
•Very high quality light (full spectrum) because of the molecular light emission, including UVA and UVB
•A full continuous light
•Very stable light spectrum
•Long output stability (at mean stable output) over time
•Absence of infrared radiation

The Gavita Pro 270e LEP is developed for plant cultivation, but can also be used in any environment when a high quality, full continuous light source has advantages.

Emitter models
We have two different spectra available:
1.Grow spectrum (41.02 emitter) – high CRI full spectrum lighting for stand-alone use
2.Supplemental spectrum (41.01) – specifically developed to add quality spectrum in combination with HPS light, adding the spectrum that the HPS lacks.

The Gavita Pro LEP is available as a convection cooled unit and as an air cooled unit, where all heat emitting parts are mounted in a 150mm/6″ tube which requires active cooling. Both emitter versions are available in the convection cooled as well as the air cooled unit.


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